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This website is designed to provide information and updates regarding Crawford County elections, processes, results, and more. If you have questions or need to reach the election commission, you may use the contact information below.


Contact Information

Election Commission Office:

405 South Third Street

Van Buren, AR 72956

Phone number:

(479) 471-3222



Current Crawford County Election Commission Members

Mike Moxley



John Paul Williams



Memory Boucher



Get to Know Your Elected Officials 

If you would like to see who your current elected officials are, we’ve compiled a list for you. 

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Helpful Resources

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Voter Registration
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Election Commission do?

The Election Commission is responsible for coordinating and administering federal, state, and local elections in Crawford County. This includes maintaining and preparing voting equipment, training poll workers, tabulating and certifying results, and so much more!

How do I vote?

You must be registered to vote under the correct name and address. If you aren’t registered, you’ll need to register to vote at least 30 days before the election in which you want to vote. Once registered, you have the choice of early voting or voting on the day of the election. Absentee voting is also available based on need. 

What are voter registration requirements?

To register to vote, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen

  • Be an Arkansas resident (residing in Arkansas at least 30 days before the first election in which you will vote).

  • Be 18 or turn 18 on or before the next election.

  • Not be convicted of a felony without your sentence having been discharged or pardoned.

  • Not be presently adjudged mentally incompetent as to your ability to vote by a court of competent jurisdiction.

  • Must not claim the right to vote in any other county or state.

Where can I apply to vote?

You may apply by mail. Complete and return the Arkansas Voter Registration Application.


IMPORTANT: If your voter registration application form is submitted by mail and you are registering for the first time, and you do not have a valid Arkansas driver’s license number or social security number, in order to avoid the additional identification requirements upon voting for the first time you must submit with the mailed registration form: (a) a current and valid photo identification; or (b) a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address.


You may also apply in person at your local:

  • County Clerk’s office

  • State Revenue office

  • Public library

  • Disability agency

  • Military recruitment office

  • Arkansas National Guard

  • Voter registration drive

Where do I go to vote? 

Visit our Upcoming Elections page to see a complete list of polling locations in Crawford County.

Poll Sites
When is the next election? 

You may visit the Upcoming Election page for details on our next elections.


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How do I know if I’m registered to vote? 

Visit the Secretary of State's VoterView website to check your registration status.

Who are my current elected officials? 

You can see a list of your current elected officials by clicking the link below.

Elected Officials
Who is on the Crawford County Election Commission?

Current commission members are Mike Moxley, John Paul Williams, and Memory Boucher.


Commissioner Moxley was elected Chairman by the Commission at their organizational meeting on January 27th, 2022.


Commissioners are appointed by the Republican Party of Crawford County and the Democratic Party of Crawford County. The Rebublican Party is the majority party and is entitled to appoint two members, the Democratic Party is the minority party and is entitled to appoint one member. Commissioners serve at the pleasure of their respective political party committee.

Who do I contact with questions? 

You may call the Crawford County Election Commission at (479) 471-3222 or send them an email at Election@crawford-county.org.

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